About Me

Oh, the glamorous life of a magazine editor, freelance graphic designer and world traveler! I live it, love it and sometimes… I’m tired of it, until I get picked up by the new wind of inspiration, exciting new places, people, projects and donuts.

I invite you to see (and rate) my work, to reach out with new ideas and projects (or simply say hello), and connect with me through the modern day avenues.

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Kind words from my clients

  • “Katya has the unique ability to turn her visions into reality. Not only is she an extraordinary graphic designer, but she’s entrepreneurial-minded, has the ability to wear multiple hats, and her drive and passion provide remarkable results.”

    Lud Isabegian [Rhapsody International]

  • “Katya is very creative person with a lot of great ideas up her sleeve. She really impressed me with her magazine layout. Great designer!”

    Ruben Perez [Shaun White Enterprises]

  • “Katya’s knowledge of the music industry tied with her design skills and amazing work ethic, it’s no surprise the success she has had with the Big Up Magazine.”

    Devon Chulick [DSF Clothing Company]

  • “Katya is a highly efficient, reliable and gets the job done under tight deadlines with ease and grace. She was truly a pleasure to work with and helped to make my job easier. She produces excellent work consistently and I would love to work with her again in the future.”

    Kate Keenan [DeviantArt, Inc.]

  • “Super star.”

    Yuan Zhou [Airbnb]